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In memory of the dancer who lost her dream and wasted her talent by selling herself out, as well as selling out those who believed in her. May it not happen to any other dancer; may all dancers become their dream, work hard to turn talent into skill, and let their careers shine.

Celebrating the true, everlasting beauty and grace of the performing arts.

"Dancers are the new model. A professional dancer who can also model, act, sing, and perform professionally in other talent fields will be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, as well as dominant. Such a dancer would also have the potential to be a new type of model, the model of the future."

C. A. Passinault
Professional photographer. Modeling and talent expert. Casting director. DJ. Event Planner. Stage Producer. Director of Tampa Bay Modeling.
April 29, 2011

02/09/17/0539 - Tampa Bay Dancer web site, which will be a Raptor 3 Raptor Class web site (like the one used by Tampa Bay Modeling), will launch in 2017. The menu options described on this page and the content WILL change when the site launches.

05/02/11 - Will Tampa Bay Dancer be the next Tampa Bay Modeling?
By C. A. Passinault, Director of Tampa Bay Modeling and Tampa Bay Dancer
The following is an article about the next big thing, Tampa Bay Dancer, and includes a deeply personal story about an experience which would later inspire the creation of the Tampa Bay Dancer career resource site for professional dancers in the Tampa Bay market.

Tired of the trashy image of Tampa Bay dancers which is thought of when people talk about dancers in our community? You can help change that perception!
We are looking for professional dancers to assist with Tampa Bay Dancer. Professional dancers only, instructors at dance schools are a plus. Dancers who are writers will be given extra consideration. Professional choreographers would be a big plus! Dancers who are models, actors, and other types of talent a big plus, as bridging career fields is one of the agendas of Tampa Bay Dancer. All selected advisors and volunteer staff will receive free portfolio photography and headshot packages by Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, which is the premier Tampa Bay photography services company specializing in talent headshots and talent portfolio photography, as well as free promotion and advertising. We are also looking for a slender, fitness model-type dancer, preferably one who is experienced in ballet, to pose for a series of silhouette photographs which will be used to make our official logo. All dancing portrayed or covered on Tampa Bay Dancer must be professional, family-friendly, performing arts dancing only. We do not cover high-risk dancing professions, or any industry which may exploit dancers and talent.
We will be putting the Tampa Bay Dancer site together in late 2011. Currently, It is slated be a Raptor 3 Raptor Class site like the one which is used by Tampa Bay Modeling, currently, although we have not ruled out using the new, state of the art Dreadnought Class site currently in development.

To be considered, please email us at tampabaydancer@yahoo.com, and send us a cover letter, resume, files of pictures, links to your web sites, and links to relevant supporting content, such as an online demo reel. We will reply if interested. Thank you.


Tampa Bay Dancer, a Tampa Bay Talent site, is an upcoming talent resource site for professional dancers in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay Dancer will be a professional career resource site, with online information available free of charge, for dancers who are serious about their professional dancing career. Tampa Bay Dancer will cover all fields of family-friendly professional dance, which includes, but is not limited to, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, event dancing, dance teams, and more.
Tampa Bay Dancer will be a part of the Tampa Bay Talent web network, which consist of Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Photographers, and Tampa Bay Film. Tampa Bay Dancer will become the authority on professional dance in Tampa Bay, and will be the official talent resource site of the dance teams of Eventi Events, Eventi Stage, and other companies of Passinault.Com, the Passinault Entertainment Group.
This new talent resource site, which will be a new Dreadnought Class site (and not the Raptor 3 Raptor Class site currently used by Tampa Bay Modeling and the other sites), is coming in 2011, will feature a lot of useful content and tools, free of charge, as well as the following main sections (As this is early, these features are tentative at this time, and are subject to change without notice or warning).

About Tampa Bay Dancer - Tampa Bay Dancer’s main mission to the help change the perception about what being a dancer in Tampa Bay is really all about, and we will transcend the stereotypes. This section will have our mission statement, professional advisors, staff, site disclaimers, terms of use, and our history (obviously, since we will be a new site, the last part will take some time to build).

Tampa Bay Dancer Blog - A dancer blog which is updated daily. This blog will also cover site updates and new content additions.

Tampa Dancers - Featured professional dancers in the Tampa Bay area. The best dancers, of course, will also be models, actors, and other talent.

Tampa Dancing Jobs - Family-friendly, profession dancing jobs and gigs in the Tampa Bay area. If it is classy and dignified, you’ll find it here. Otherwise, you won’t.

Tampa Dancer Market - Products and services for sale to dancers. Obviously, these are not free.

Tampa Dancer Scams - Tampa Bay Dancer is not about what most think of when they hear about dancers in Tampa Bay. Although those other industries are not scams, and they are legitimate business, they are not family-friendly, and it is one of the missions of Tampa Bay Dancer to promote dancing as a professional performing art, what dancing is really meant to be. This said, there are a lot of dancing scams in the Tampa Bay area, and we will help you identify and avoid being scammed.
If you are between the ages of 18 and 22, we strongly suggest avoiding high-risk dancing jobs, as they can ruin you. They are not worth it if you want to do dancing which you can be proud of later. Know what you are doing, and the risks involved, before doing something that you may later regret, and find yourself powerless to change. We know of many dancers, including a talented dancer named Samantha, who ruined their careers by doing high-risk dancing. Prevention is the only cure.

Tampa Bay Dancer Features - Tampa Dancer articles, tutorials, anecdotes, and other things.

Tampa Bay Dancer Resources - Will contain web site links and other relevant resources for professional Tampa Bay dancers.

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