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Will Tampa Bay Dancer be the next Tampa Bay Modeling?
By C. A. Passinault
The following is an article about the next big thing, Tampa Bay Dancer, and includes a deeply personal story about an experience which would later inspire the creation of the Tampa Bay Dancer career resource site for professional dancers in the Tampa Bay market.

Will Tampa Bay Dancer be the next Tampa Bay Modeling?
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01. Dancers are the new model
02. The mis perception of dancing in Tampa Bay
03. The dancer in my soul, and the tragedy which became an inspiration for Tampa Bay Dancer
04. She wanted to be a part of my career, as well as the princess in my life
05. Fallen Angel - Accepting what was not to be as a dancer loses her dream
06. A hot modeling shoot, and the beginning of the end of us
07. Compromise - Believing what you want to as my ex asks me to DJ her wedding! Also, why I came to hate con artists and scams.
08. Tampa Bay Dancer - How the past inspires the future

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Fallen Angel - Accepting what was not to be as a dancer loses her dream

At any rate, things fell apart from that point on. My dancer started working for a hole-in-the-wall, shady insurance company running out of a strip mall, and this company was owned by a shady con man (my initial perception, and later proven). At the time, I was working as a banker at Bank Of America. One day, I called my dancer friend at a number that she had given me (she was working that other job, too, to my dismay). The number was for that insurance office. She wasn’t there, but the owner was. I explained who I was, and asked who he was. “Oh, ” He said, “I’m her boss.” He then asked me what insurance company I was with. I told him, and he responded with “Oh, we can kick their ass with what you are paying”, even though I never told him how much I was paying.
Ok. Whatever. I wondered what kind of company she was working for, and what class of people their target audience was. The guy sounded like a crass, uncivilized piece of trash. They were in Lakeland? That made perfect sense!
At any rate, she told me that she was living at a hotel, but she wouldn’t tell me where, and she would not give me the number there. I soon found out that the insurance boss had put her up in the room, and that he was paying the bill. I wondered why. I suspect at that time that they began a physical arrangement, which should have been comical because of how petite she was and how overweight he was; he would have been like an amoeba absorbing a morsel (he’s even worse, now, over a decade later, from pictures that I’ve seen! What happened.... did she fall into orbit around him or something? Sometimes, the book matches the cover, and shady people do end up with those that they deserve to be with. Of course I laughed.... I really have nothing against overweight people, but when they are the person that they are actually perceived as, that’s a different story, and in this case, I have no shame in laughing about this). Someone like him would have to buy a girl, in my opinion, as he had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It wasn’t like it was anything special, or that it meant anything to her, as this was something that she was doing with everyone, from what I understand. It made sense that someone as pathetic as her would use her body to get what she wanted. Everyone’s leftovers........
The next thing that I knew, they were roommates. How nice. I was not concerned, or even jealous, as I was fast growing indifferent toward her with her ongoing, escalating idiotic behavior. It was difficult to care about someone who didn’t care about themselves, or someone who did not care about anyone else. I was more disgusted, to be honest. I knew what was going on, and it was revolting. A year before, she wouldn’t have even considered being around such a person. Now? In my opinion, she was desperate, for sale, and totally open to being conned.
Except for that the con man wasn’t too smart. He overpaid for her, in my opinion, as he could have had her for a couple of dinners at a fast food restaurant. I could have had her, too, but although I did love her, she was proving that she wasn’t worth being with. How can you be with someone when you can’t trust them? The fact is that, in 1998, I had already turned her down more than once because she was acting like trash, and this added to her desperation.
I asked her if she was seeing him. She made a funny face and denied that she was, saying that he was “just her friend” (as well as her shady boss). I met him, and he seemed to go out of his way to be pleasant with me (I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned that if someone is too nice, or seems to be trying hard, beware of them). He also talked a lot, and talked fast, and most of what he said was B.S. I hardly took him seriously.
Her roommate / boss was throwing money around as if he had a lot of it (which he didn’t, really). He bought her lots of things, and even took her on cruises and vacation trips. Knowing what was going on, I thought that it was obscene and excessive, as they were both living beyond his means. He’d have to close the deal, soon, for sure.
Also around this time, I had begun learning web site design, and had really became serious about my photography because I knew that my sites would require photo content (I did not set out to turn the photography into a business at the time, and I was doing it because I loved it, and because I needed photographs. I wasn’t good enough at the time to justify charging for it, anyway, and from 1994 to 2000, Aurora PhotoArts purely did photography and design to support my projects). So, I was spending a lot of money on film and development, using whatever camera I could get. I started shooting friends, and in time, began working with better and better models. I became friends with some models, and began to learn about the modeling industry. I learned quickly, too.
I couldn’t imagine how her roommate / boss felt the weekend that I took her to a hotel at Saint Pete Beach for an overnight stay and a shoot the next morning (It was father’s day weekend, 1998, for those who are wondering about how quickly this was progressing, and the relative timeline of events). Well, I can imagine, and the con artist roommate did something slick. Just before we left, he went out and bought her a $900.00 puppy, and she insisted that we bring him along. So, we did.
Ah, the sleep that I got when a puppy is crying all night long in the hotel room bathroom. I’m surprised that the other guests did not complain.
The funny thing is that we didn’t have to even get a room, as the shoot location was local. For my trouble, I got little sleep, and my dancer kicked me all night in her sleep (which is something that she’s always done over the years, but it was more annoying with the puppy keeping me up).

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PUBLISHED 05/03/11

UPDATED 05/03/11

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