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Will Tampa Bay Dancer be the next Tampa Bay Modeling?
By C. A. Passinault
The following is an article about the next big thing, Tampa Bay Dancer, and includes a deeply personal story about an experience which would later inspire the creation of the Tampa Bay Dancer career resource site for professional dancers in the Tampa Bay market.

Will Tampa Bay Dancer be the next Tampa Bay Modeling?
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01. Dancers are the new model
02. The mis perception of dancing in Tampa Bay
03. The dancer in my soul, and the tragedy which became an inspiration for Tampa Bay Dancer
04. She wanted to be a part of my career, as well as the princess in my life
05. Fallen Angel - Accepting what was not to be as a dancer loses her dream
06. A hot modeling shoot, and the beginning of the end of us
07. Compromise - Believing what you want to as my ex asks me to DJ her wedding! Also, why I came to hate con artists and scams.
08. Tampa Bay Dancer - How the past inspires the future

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Tampa Bay Dancer - How the past inspires the future

You have to admit that the back story is wild. Reality really is stranger than fiction, and I couldn’t have come up with a more twisted one than that. Yes, I’m human, and have made mistakes. More importantly, I’ve learned from those mistakes, and it is my hope that others, too, can learn those lessons. There was a time that I was naive about certain things. 1992 was the year that my eyes were opened to a lot of realities, and my life finally got on track. 1998 was the end of a lot of personal issues, for the most part, and the beginning of a transition to the personal and professional life that I am living today. As a photographer, I turned pro in 2000, and really figured out my business by 2002, mostly through experience and a lot of hard work. I was also naive when I first set out in new things. When I created Independent Modeling as a free online modeling resource in 2001, I was naive enough to think that, because I cared and was helping models empower their careers, that all models would understand what I was doing, and that most models would get behind my agenda. Oh, how wrong I was (although one model who I talked to yesterday told me that she was 200% behind what I’m doing, and that she would drive from Orlando to support anything that I did, which is appreciated, and many models over the years have driven from all over Florida to help me out). I’ve run into models over the years which were just as unethical and unprofessional as the worst modeling scam. Although I’ve been living and working with models for over a decade now, and I have many, many model friends, there are some who hate me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I am to be hated by the minority because I’m doing the right thing, it’s something that I’m proud of, and something that I embrace. You have to find your position, stand your ground, and stick to your guns. You have to fight for what you believe in, and I certainly believe in what I am doing. I know what I’m doing, too, and have the experience to back it up.
I was back stage at a fashion show in 2010, and was talking to a group of models. This one models was going on and on about free portfolio networking sites, and we got into an argument when I frankly told her that, in order to compete with professional models, you have to invest in your career. She disagreed with me, and told me that she booked the fashion modeling jobs through networking alone. I then asked her if she was being paid. She was not, and I made my point. She then kept going on and on about having a free online portfolio profile, and threw in my face “I’m just doing what any independent model would do!”
This greatly annoyed me, because I wrote the book on independent modeling, and she knew that. Suffice it to say, I put the ignorant model in her place. I don’t think that I have to ever consider working with her, and she will realize way too late that she needs me far more than I’d ever need her.
You can’t win them all. Stick to your guns! I know a lot of smart people in the modeling industry, but have met some pretty dumb ones, too.
Dancers are the next model, for me, and beautiful women will continue to be my business.
With Eventi Events and Eventi Stage, of course, I will need to work with a lot of dancers, and I will be putting together a team of dancers for events, stage productions, and other projects. As a DJ, I’ve always been inspired by really cool music, and the role of the dancer, for me, is to enhance the music by becoming a visual representation of the music. Dancers will become very important in many of my projects.
Of course, with my online film festival, my work in independent film, my online television series, and other visual projects, dance will become a very important facet of all that I do.
One more thing. All this will all be out there, and I’m sure that someone from my past will be watching, on the outside looking in, and that’s poetic justice. What better way for someone to realize that they lost someone, and that they are destined to live a life without them, than for them to be reminded of what could have been. Hopefully, if she reads this (and she probably will), she’ll realize how badly she screwed up. You played yourself, baby, and ended up with living a life which isn’t even a fraction of what it could have been with me.
Models and dancers, please don’t be like her. You’ll never have much of a career. Find out who you are, and stay true to who you are.


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PUBLISHED 05/03/11

UPDATED 05/03/11

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